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Spring Break Aerial Advertising

USSKYADS flies Giant Billboard Advertisements at
the Hottest Spring Break Spots in the U.S.

With thousands of people on the beaches during spring break across the country, aerial advertising is definitely a great way to get your message across or product/service viewed! Use this opportunity for sky banner ads or even sky writing in the open air during spring break.

We have supplied some links to help you gather information on specific locations, and to help you in decision-making. We can provide you with coverage in all markets or any combination of markets from as little as one flight to multiple flights in all markets.

On Florida's Gulf Coast, Panama City has 27 miles of stunning white sand beaches. This spot is rated the world's best spring break hangout by the Travel Channel.

Located on Florida's east coast Daytona Beach has over 23 miles of sandy beaches filled with spring break activities. It has plenty of spring break hotels, deck and pool parties, and great night spots. It is easily accessible for breakers to get by car or plane, making it a top spring break destination.

Located off the Gulf coast of Texas just a half an hour from Mexico. Approximately 150,000 revelers hit this coastal resort last year. It provides over 30 miles of shore and coastline for spring break parties.