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Special Event Sky Advertising

Some of the exciting markets we reach include Nascar races including the Daytona 500, The Olympics, National and College Football, The Super Bowl, Major League Baseball and many outdoor sporting events like the X Games

Support your team with a special aerial message or display your product up to 4 stories tall over a stadium filled with hundreds of potential customers. Our personalized service ensures that your message gets across by assisting you with the creation and production of an exciting aerial campaign while providing guidance every step of the way from aerial billboard design to developing the proper target market with a cpm that is within your budget.

Beach and Spring Break Advertising

We fly some of the largest aerial billboards at the hottest spring break locations in the United States including Panama City, Daytona, and South Padre Island. Our fleet of aircraft are flown by certified experienced pilots. They are experts at getting your company message seen using aerial banner ads and skywriting across all the popular beaches! UsSkyAds covers all the major beach advertising markets all across the United States.

GPS flight route tracking system
GPS flight route tracking now available!
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Aerial Advertising


USSkyAds provides aerial advertising in all major markets providing flying banner ads, giant aerial billboards and letter banners to our clients. Our fleet of planes fly just about everywhere including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Tampa, San Francisco, and the Miami Florida metro area. We have been in business since 1980 with thousands of flight hours and advertising experience. Aerial banner advertising is one of the most exciting and effective methods available to market your company or product.  High impact aerial beach advertising campaigns nationwide provide our clients with personalized service; expanding your market coverage from just a few markets to over 50 targeted advertising markets nationwide.  Creating successful advertising campaigns for our clients has been the key to our success for the past 25 years.

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